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Irmgard Kuchernig



Enhances energy

Increases balance and body alignment

Effective overall conditioning and increased muscle tone

Decompression of the spine through inversions

Releases back pain

Invites fluidity and flexibility

Redefines your body

Better posture

Reveals awareness

Eases surrender to gravity

Releases holding patterns

Awakens yogic bliss

Builds up core, arms, legs structure

Accesses deeper strength and stamina

Regenerates and strengthens joints

Drains lymphatic system and activates blood flow

Discovery of new ways to move

Stimulates kinesthetic perception

Overall wellbeing heightens

Opens pranic flow

Invigorates any existing practice or work out

Complete relaxation

Mindfulness and breath awareness

Sense of fun, freedom and confidence

Promotes a positive state of wellbeing

A boost for mental abilities

Sharpened focus

Increases creativity

Activates neural pathways

Improves memory and intelligence

Builds trust

Activates all chakras and subtle energies

Overcomes stress, anxiety and depression

Increases endorphin level

Fly&Release for your back. Workshop seri


With practice, the feeling in the body is exquisite

Flying Yoga combines yoga movements with postures suspended in soft fabric tissues. With the help of gravity and the tissues, we can playfully explore floating, fluid movements and create space in our bodies without compressing our joints and spine.


Flying Yoga is a wonderful complement to your movement and mat practice. It unwinds fascial knots and tangles, quiets the mind, builds core-strength, and leaves your body feeling integrated. The basic yoga principles of ahimsa (non-harm) and mindfulness are woven throughout the sequences.

The tissue also called yoga hammock, like other props in yoga, is intended to assist alignment and deepen your awareness.


The silky feeling hammocks are a special high-density nylon that can hold over 500 kilos (1000 pounds) each. The fabric becomes a learning tool and we often find lighter moments of being that bring new life and understanding to ourselves and to your practice. Even though the yoga tissue supports your poses, this doesn't make it easier - it makes it challenging in new ways.




















No previous aerial, acrobatic or yogic experience is necessary;

basic fitness condition required. 

We will explore a practice of both elevation and grounding to increase body awareness, self perception, balance 

and improve structural alignment.


Since the hammocks allow for safe inversions, we are able to work on spinal decompression from your very first session. Here you get to embrace growth in aerial poses on your first try. If you are new to FLYING YOGA be assured you will feel safe and find lighter access to your body-mind connection. Enjoy the ease of inversions in a fun and playful way yet calm the mind with breath and mindful movement.

In every FLYING YOGA session we are integrating yogic principles, allowing free movement in safe ways for your body, guiding you in developing a refined sensitivity about yourself who and how we are - physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. It literally is an 'uplifting practice' for your inner world and outer shape and a new challenge - easier in some ways; still you may find this inspiring and growing your practice with the reward of a balanced stability.

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