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I fell in love with FLYING YOGA the first time I touched the silky feeling fabric. Practicing FLYING YOGA I am experiencing a feeling of lightness and joy, gaining self confidence and giving playtime to my inner child. I am becoming stronger with a better posture, my back is thankful for spinal decompression and my body loves to move 360° freely. My brain functions are affected positively.

Yoga supports conscious living, while consciousness is an unfolding of awareness.  Exploring our own nature is a necessity of each human being. Yoga cultivates one way based on ancient traditions to get to know yourself and to develop healthy ways of thinking and feeling and consequently 'acting'; coming back eventually to a natural core - living more freely and spontaneously - living soul consciousness


We work deeply and mindfully, so that the practice raises our awareness,

helping us to make sustainable, healthy and nourishing choices,

which will affect us and those closest to us, at all levels.



My name is Irmgard. Yoga touched me first 3 decades ago; receiving education in wellness & spa therapy in Austria. I grew up in the peaceful nature of the Tyrolean mountains in a small village. Firstly working several years internationally as a spa/massage therapist and as esthetician; learning about a healthy and beautifying lifestyle; later on as business consultant and spa director to create, set up and restructure wellbeing spaces.


For further information check out my profile.

Though, it was only after I finished my studies in business administration and went to set up spa & wellness projects in India when Yoga & Meditation came back naturally. Living partly in Switzerland since 2005 and working internationally on many wellness projects brings together my quest in ancient healing modalities and adapting them to modern understanding. Yoga and 'beyond' became a big adventure in my own search for answers, healing and self perception, finding peace, health and purpose – spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically - knowing myself better, living an authentic and inspired life.

My yoga journey was and is an ongoing research and led me through many styles learning from really experienced yoga teachers. My foundation as a yoga teacher is built upon teacher trainings and immersions in Anusara / Vinyasa / Yin Yoga / Pre-Natal Yoga / Yoga Therapy / Scaravelli Inspired Yoga / Aerial Flying Yoga / Kids Yoga / Kids Aerial Yoga / Somatic Bodywork. I thank everyone for teaching me and I am sending my gratitude to you!

I enjoy giving FLYING YOGA sessions, immersions and retreats internationally and train yoga teachers and movement experienced people in the art of FLYING YOGA - in varied courses online and live on site. It is my pleasure sharing the feeling of lightness, balance and play while becoming stronger, freer and inherent energetic. '

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