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Embracing is healing


Healing begins with embracing . . .

Embracing your talents,

your weaknesses,

your suffering, your joy,

your vulnerability, your creativity,

your light!

Healing unfolds by embracing

whatever and however you are

Every time you put yourself

back together newly

Melting into full acceptance of all of you

Your inner energies awaken miracles

through all layers – one by one – time after time


Felt compassion can be an embrace

of silent listening to you

No more justifications, no more excuses,

no more judgement nor mental constructions

It is as it is – following your excitement,

being curious, trusting your instincts 

Feelings are the language of your soul

Hearing clearly, allowing them to reach you

You give voice to your feelings

by holding the space of listening

By returning to remember yourself;

owning your inner authority

Filling up your soul daily

The gift is you . . . you showing your authentic self

Giving yourself permission to discover who you are today,

tomorrow, the next day… one day

Breathe into the sense of becoming by pouring

into your dreams and heart desires

Splashing your expressiveness uncovering the purpose of your life

Nourishing your soul’s longings, hearing the calm reminder of your heart

speaking through many languages to you

And following your path wherever it may guide you safely with your highest spirits, setting a meaningful intention

Feeling at peace with yourself leaving all masks behind

Recognizing you always have been and will be free


Dipping into the depth of your own waters

Finding courage and contentment in trusting who you are

Embracing yourself fully and knowing, yes, that is me!

In the endless sea of becoming

finding the eternal embrace in the alchemy of your own heart

Realizing the truth of your being is openness.


Why do you practice FLYING YOGA?



Suspend all disbelief for a moment, and envision a weightless

savasana enveloped inside a silk fabric cocoon,

fully supported, safe, and held.

FLYING YOGA has surprising benefits!


No matter how I feel when I practice I feel so much better and I love this emotional uplift – a childlike sense of joy! It is so good to incredibly open the body, finding vitality and health.


I can feel more length in the spine and expand my inner space.


Especially by building core- and upper arm strength you experience profound changes in your posture and your yoga on the mat. A suspended practice brings us into positions with depth, excitement and ease. You are learning stability by constantly receiving impulses that your system balances during practice and new poses.  Inducing a release - mentally, emotionally and physically – into the sense of lightness. Neurotransmitters being released from your brain making you feel lighter and happier. 


The nervous system is stimulated,

increasing mental alertness and clarity

Not only can we face and overcome fears, Flying Yoga impacts our mental fortitude, empowers you and engages our neurons to connect and interact. Get in touch with your increased creativity, focus and energy and a definitely raised awareness while gaining a sense of play, freedom and confidence. Being patient and dropping your own expectation helps as some moves might be easier, others may be there to be discovered.

It may feel out of your comfort zone, but hey,

that’s where growth happens, isn’t it?

Being supported gives me a good feeling. By relieving 20-80% of body weight, the hammock allows us to rapidly increase our flexibility while improving balance and strength. We can strengthen ourselves in amazing ways and heighten our body awareness and how we are in space through better coordination and orientation.


Space is the element of your soul; therefore the spatial sensation is an essential element in feeling free

and initiates your internal flight. 


Feeling free from your own constant absorbing, recording, comparing and analysing - going on your internal flight - letting yourself be - releasing the grip from yourself. In this experience your inner space may merge with your outer space!

Working with the hammock is a great teaching tool in finding better alignment; allowing yourself to move in different ways. A certain pressure on your tissue takes time to get used to. The compression of the fabric is activating your blood- and lymphatic flow. The lymphatic system clears toxins from the tissues and plays a vital role in our immune system. As the constant contact between varying degrees of tissue-to-tissue compression promotes more rapid circulation of the lymph through the nodes, the rate of blood purification and detoxification increases, helping to revitalize and maintain youth and beauty.


Especially inversions decrease muscle tension by at least 35% to recover sleep, vitality and memory. 

FLYING YOGA is a blend of all of the things I strive for in my practice and in life: playful, dynamic, mindful, calming, centering and inspiring. I fell in love with all things aerial - combined with yoga or pure aerial acrobatics.

How do you feel practicing FLYING YOGA ?

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