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FLYING YOGA is a holistic opportunity to be curious about who you are

At Flying Yoga we strongly believe that the best form of promotion is through word of mouth from those who have attended our yoga events, courses or classes.  Here are a selection of things people have had to say.

Flying Yoga has become key in my wellbeing and I could only recommend it to all

I lead a very busy and sometimes stressful life and I spend too much time sitting in front of a computer. As a consequence, my head is often too full and my back hurts. Since I’ve discovered Irmgard’s Flying Yoga class, I have been able to regain some peace of mind and energy.  My back also feels a lot better and I’ve noticed improvement on my flexibility too. Irmgard is an excellent teacher, inspiring and motivating. She knows what works for each of her students and therefore keeps our engagement level high. Flying Yoga has become key in my wellbeing and I could only recommend it to all.

Julie/ France

I feel strong and light at the same time. My back and neck pain was relieved

One of the most significant benefits of practicing Flying Yoga is feeling strong and light at the same time.  A continuous flow of energy makes me feel happy. You can experience the joy of taking care not only of your body but also of your soul 'dancing in the air'. Moments of floating are peaceful. Physically - my back and neck suffering from multiple hernias - were relieved from contraction; holding patterns were released by practicing Flying Yoga. I found new body awareness. Irmgard's teaching is intelligent, supportive and nurturing to the soul.

Barbara/ Italy

Der professionelle Unterricht findet in einer freundlichen, entspannten und schönen Atmosphäre statt

Flying Yoga ist interessant und herausfordernd; der Umgang mit dem Tuch braucht etwas Gewöhnungszeit und ist dann wirklich jedes Mal ein tolles Erlebnis. Irmgard kreiert eine freundliche, entspannte und schöne Stimmung und gleichzeitig finde ich Ihren Unterricht sehr professionell, sodass man sich wirklich sicher fühlt. Persönlich trägt Flying Yoga zur Verbesserung meiner Haltung, Flexibilität, Kraft und Atmung bei. Liebe Irmgard, Du machst das toll! Du hast mich, eine unsichere Altphilologin voller Schmerzen und Misstrauen in weniger als 20 Minuten zum „Sich kopfüber hängen“ gebracht. Vielen Dank nochmals für die schönen Lektionen und bis bald!

Valentina/ Schweiz

Freeing my mind, I can feel so carefree and light yet supported during class

Flying Yoga class with Irmgard is not only a great way of exercising but also an effective way of freeing my mind. I feel so carefree and light but yet supported during the class. Irmgard holds the space that helps me to face my fears and regain my confidence receiving clear instructions. After each Flying Yoga Session, I simply feel relived and powerful again.

Monika/ Poland

Flying Yoga offers a quiet, peaceful, open and kind place for everybody

With each time practicing I love Flying Yoga more and more. It is not only due to the activity itself, but really you who offer a quiet, peaceful, open and kind place for everybody. Irmgard teaches me to be really confident with my body and to discover things that I have never taken into account before. I am also finding more connection through the breath. Flying Yoga provides endless ways to explore the body in all spatial dimensions and clears the mind. I enjoy feeling completely uninhibited and free in the Flying Yoga Hammock.

Julia/ France

Irmgard findet eine gute Mischung aus klaren Anweisungen, Empathie und Authentizität

Ich bin begeistert vom Flying Yoga bei Irmgard. Meine Verspannungen lösen sich und ich geniesse das Gefühl der Schwerelosigkeit und Freiheit. Ich kann während dem Flying Yoga vollkommen entspannen und hab mehr Energie. An stressigen Tagen, wo mir der Kopf schmerzt, lösen sich diese Kopfschmerzen komplett auf und sind verschwunden nach dem Flying Yoga.

Ich bin ganz bei mir selbst und ausgeglichen. Irmgard ist eine der besten Yogalehrerinnen, die ich kennengelernt habe. Sie findet die perfekte Mischung aus klaren Anweisungen, Empathie, Authentizität und Wärme. 

Nadine/ Deutschland

I felt very safe and confident while playing outside of my comfort zone

I personally very enjoyed the overall experience of not only the physical exercise that definitely challenged my physique, but also the mental adventure that it included alongside the class. I would strongly recommend to anybody to give the Flying Yoga experience a try, since it's pretty obvious Irmgard is a very knowledgeable person that made me feel very safe and confident during the class, while at the same time pushing me outside my comfort zone.

José/ Mexico

Irmgard's encouraging guidance has helped me a lot to deepen my practice

I have been doing yoga for years and my fear has been stopping me in doing inversions like head/handstands, even though physically I knew I was ready for it. It was Flying Yoga that made me discover my love for inversions. In my first class with Irmgard I felt again this fear of going upside down and it was her confidence in me being able to do it that made me trust her and try it. Doing inversions in Flying Yoga with the fabric supporting me, I could go over my limits and try the things I normally would not. I saw that I had full control over my body and I got accustomed to being upside down and with time started to really enjoy it. Now a bit over a year since I started coming to Flying Yoga I can finally do headstands with almost no fear and really enjoy​ the poses both in Flying Yoga and my yoga practice on the mat.

Irmgard's encouraging guidance has helped me a lot to deepen my yoga mat practice. Her clear instructions and thorough understanding of body anatomy as well as she really loves teaching is seen in her classes. She creates an outstanding flow where we move naturally and with fluidity.

Marina/ Croatia

I feel more alive, elongated and relaxed at the same time

The feeling while and after the Flying Yoga Session is simply amazing – feeling alive, elongated and relaxed at the same time. Irmgard creates a loving and respectful ambience during her Flying Yoga sessions. She is continuously developing the practice further. She teaches passionately, is caring, giving individual attention and time to each one. When having difficulties with some moves I am encouraged to listen and feel into my own body and going with it while challenging my own comfort zone. I really enjoy this grateful and soothing feeling of being held in the Flying Yoga Tissue.

Glenda/ Switzerland

I love my ever first Flying Yoga experience. Thank you for the quality in your teachings.

Irmgard explains our specific body's anatomy activating imagery. She indicates the role of the related body structure involved for your deeper understanding. Listening your body is initiated and encouraged. The atmosphere is very comforting and positive. The exercises picked proved to be really effective working even the deepest and smallest muscles. I felt very well after class, even had an impression that my whole body extended. I felt less discomfort in my back. Thank you very much for the quality of the session.

Elena/ Moldova

A wonderful experience. Air Calm with yoganidra. Highly recommended!

Air Yoga Nidra has been so far a wonderful experience. Irmgard's thorough guidance helps me to connect with myself and to release the stress as no other practice. I feel I practice acceptance and letting go in every session. Being in the air, inside the hammock, brings me a mixed feeling of freedom and safety which is the cherry on the cake. Highly recommended to everyone!

Joana/ Portugal

A soothing voice.  A magic atmosphere with an experienced instructor.

Irmgard creates a magic atmosphere and guides you through a relaxing and healing experience.  She is an experienced instructor and her soothing voice will take you into a trance-like relaxation. After the session, my soul and body felt glowing with a warm, calm and positive energy.  I absolutely recommend it, it was a wonderful experience!  

Veronica/ Spain

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