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We listen to the bodies innate wisdom

'This approach to yoga inspired by Vanda Scaravelli is  a work that intends to facilitate 

discovering a subtle quality in movement, breath and refined awareness;

exploring your own unique ways to access your Natural Self'


From flying to grounding - I also offer a simple yet intense, creative and explorative work -

Scaravelli Inspired Yoga.  We focus on the process of movement and being open

to its sensations, exploring ourselves and giving yourself the undivided attention.

We can experience the un-conditioning 

while nourishing our sensitivity and subtleness; 

becoming receptive to what lays beneath.

We surrender to gravity and breath and listen to the body’s natural responses; allowing the body time to respond invites a stress free yoga approach. To unwind and release unnecessary tension, and begin to simply be - to cultivate a deeper feeling in your body, activating your subtle senses. This is when you may begin to experience The Natural Body. It can take time for sensations to surface. We work deeply with intelligence.



Deepening physiological awakening

deepens awakening on all levels

'You must only undo. The more you undo, the more you are and the more things come to you. Don't try to become; you are.' Vanda Scaravelli

Become curious about what it might mean and look forward to a time when the words might resonate with you! Working this way requires you to be patient, to invite the breath, to let gravity do the work for you, bringing freedom to your body to free the mind.

This approach is suitable for all levels of yoga experience and for all ages. You may discover a longer, stronger and more flexible spine, a calmer mind, and begin to enjoy increased ease in movement, eventually in energy. We give exquisite attention to the subtle, but profound presence of the life force. The spine is an organ of support and respiration where the attachment between the spine and the diaphragm is particularly relevant. 

The main idea is to find efficient ways for the body to move, focussing on the process of movement passing through, acknowledging and working with the massive connective tissue in many layers, in multiple directions. Being fully embodied is a life long exploration: The primary place is where the resistance is. By breaking down boundaries – not just those that restrict movement and breath, but how we think, feel and develop our yoga practice.


We all need to allow ourselves to be a beginner, to be surprised by and open to the new, to the never before experienced. We may welcome and accept being in a state of not knowing. This approach is subtle, yet profound. It cannot be reduced to a system or method. It demands that the practitioner develops an interest and curious attentiveness in their own body and being. The practice becomes about how we notice ourselves and how we deal with what we notice - developing a refined sensitivity for yourself. The freedom, the ease and the sense of becoming, also becoming more comfortable beneath your skin - gradually sinking beyond all layers - integrating these qualities into deeper places inside. It is a sustainable process by being kind to the body and developing your own individual approach to yoga.


'You have to become your own teacher and your own disciple.' Krishnamurti 

In my teaching I am integrating new insights into the physiology of being for long lasting health. It is my intention to encourage movement from our own felt sense with a strong emphasis on personal enquiry;

releasing your inner intelligence.

For drawing out the deeper practitioner, I offer immersions and weekly sessions by enhancing the ability 'to go in to oneself' - going beneath the layer of conditioning. 



Since 2010, my yoga journey led me more and more beyond yoga into an embodied & somatic practice - this approach intends to notice the natural feeling body. Exploring the unfolding of movement, undoing tension, bringing the body back to its softer, more fluid organic qualities, finding more ease in movement, increased energy and more length in the spine. The use of breath and gravity allows the spine to unfold and to access your being in an uninhibited way. Finally I have found myself as a yoga teacher in a direction that felt like 'home'. 

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