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To ensure you have a pleasant, rewarding Flying Yoga experience,

please observe the following guidelines when attending Sessions.

Allow yourself some time to sign in and get ready for class.

Arrive 10-15 minutes early.


Please remove your shoes before entering the studio room.

If you are late please wait for the teacher to acknowledge you and find the best space for you.

Flying Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach.  Wait about two hours after a large meal, one hour after a light snack or breakfast before practicing. It is highly recommended that you do not eat or drink heavy smoothies an hour before. Drink plenty of water after your practice.
Avoid wearing lotion, oil or strong perfumes. Wash your hands to remove any cream; this helps you gripping the hammock better. No heavy Make-Up, observe good personal hygiene, clean feet, wear deodorant, no Gum or Candy.
Listen to your body and take care of yourself. Rest when needed by coming to child’s pose on your mat or resting in the hammock in a neutral position that feels good to you. The most common cause of discomfort when beginning an aerial practice is due to the fabric itself and you may experience some minor irritation, discomfort, and even bruising as you condition your body to the sensation and pressure of the wraps. 

Listen attentively to your teacher instructions.

Please turn cell phones off or silence them.

Please do not leave your phone on vibrate.

After class, please help to maintain a tidy practice space by returning all props (blocks, straps, blankets, etc.) to their proper place orderly and nicely. Clean your mat before hanging it up.

Respect the instructor. Each instructor has its own way and will guide you through your practice accordingly, so be mindful and respectful to each person's style and technique. Our guides welcome constructive criticism after each class; you are welcome to give them feedback.

Instructors also welcome gratitude, so thank them as you leave.


If you have any physical or emotional health conditions which may be affected by any physical activity, it is best to check with your physician before participating.


Examples of conditions requiring physician consent

pregnancy, vertigo, heart conditions (including high or low blood pressure), uncontrolled diabetes, seizure disorders, recent eye surgery or eye conditions related to pressure, any communicable infections which could spread via the fabric (colds, flu, etc), Disc Herniation, Hiatal Hernia, Artificial or Re-surfaced Hips, Osteoporosis, Botox within 24 hours of class.

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