Irmgard Kuchernig, founder and creative director of Flying Yoga and The Natural Body, is a Zürich (CH) based Movement Educator, Writer and Holistic Wellness Expert. 


You can learn with me the gravitational yoga practice of flying and grounding; a sensory journey for integration and clear differentiation in regard of your physicality and attention. Awareness is trained to develop ‘a felt sense’, impose less, and allow the intelligence of the body to reveal itself.

I encourage you

to discover the essential truth at the very heart of yourself.

My passion is to facilitate more freedom in your mind

as well as liberated movement in your body and to strengthen you.

Learn how to reset your nervous system in a progressive way

to repair your body and to reclaim your mind.

This is my invitation to you, for embodying your physicality

with refined sensitivity and simplicity.

To my best abilities

I support you to live in a pain-free, mobile, and strong body.

Expect to gain a new understanding of the human body and mind

over time that has a direct carry over to all your life activities.

2016 created by Flying Yoga.


Irmgard Kuchernig

Based in Zurich, Switzerland.


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