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Understanding what is precious

Wouldn't you mind having some diamonds? (fair trade of course and sustainable for sure) No? Probably yes!  Because you know it never loses its value, it actually may raise in worth. It may even make you feel better. A brilliant mind is similar to a precious stone. When our thoughts are precious and clear, our mind becomes elevated. What is immeasurable may not be wasted or used badly because it is precious and sometimes even we are incapable of measuring it. Buddha taught these values. 

How can you shift your mind into a brilliant mind? How can you overcome what is hindering you?

Make up your mind!

This is important for all of us but particularly if you're experiencing resistance. When your mind gets stuck in negative thoughts. It’s important to understand that these mental states are not emotions.  In Buddhism, there are four states of mind called the 'Brahma-vihara' or 'our divine states of dwelling'. The four divine states are also known as the 'Four Immeasurables' or the 'Four Perfect Virtues',  also known as the Four Infinite Minds:

  • metta (loving kindness)

  • karuna (compassion)

  • mudita (sympathetic joy or empathy)

  • and upekkha (equanimity).

One cannot simply make up in your mind that you will be loving, compassionate, empathetic and balanced at the flick of a switch. These four states require intentional dwelling and altering how you experience and perceive yourself and others. It’s a constant challenge for your attitude and practical approach. Meditation helps and consciously developing a practice of being kind, compassionate and empathetic with a sense of equanimity helps. 

Why self compassion is a diamond

If our hearts shut down, we have to press the stop button and observe what’s happening in our heart/mind. With compassion for ourselves, we ask, 'What in me is resistant to this? Am I hurt? Angry? Prejudiced? Do I envy and tend to be controlling?' Sometimes we are confused and getting lost in the drain, so why not waking up?  To the extent that one can free oneself of ill will, cruelty, jealousy and desire, one will experience greater happiness with regard to oneself and in one's relations with others. One can experience a new sense of harmony with all.

It is important you learn this lesson

Compassion is the source of all goodness in the world. There is nothing that is not included in your mind. Not only our mind is a Buddha, but also our 5 sense organs, our physical body aggregated within ourselves.  It is important we learn this lesson:

What is really important in human life?

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