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Updated: May 18, 2019


Embracing is healing

Healing begins with embracing . . .

Embracing your talents,

your weaknesses,

your suffering, your joy,

your vulnerability, your creativity,

your light!

Healing unfolds by embracing

whatever and however you are

Every time you put yourself

back together newly

Melting into full acceptance of all of you

Your inner energies awaken miracles

through all layers – one by one – time after time

Felt compassion can be an embrace

of silent listening to you

No more justifications, no more excuses,

no more judgement nor mental constructions

It is as it is – following your excitement,

being curious, trusting your instincts 

Feelings are the language of your soul

Hearing clearly, allowing them to reach you

You give voice to your feelings

by holding the space of listening

By returning to remember yourself;

owning your inner authority

Filling up your soul daily

The gift is you . . . you showing your authentic self

Giving yourself permission to discover who you are today,

tomorrow, the next day… one day

Breathe into the sense of becoming by pouring

into your dreams and heart desires

Splashing your expressiveness uncovering the purpose of your life

Nourishing your soul’s longings, hearing the calm reminder of your heart

speaking through many languages to you

And following your path wherever it may guide you safely with your highest spirits, setting a meaningful intention

Feeling at peace with yourself leaving all masks behind

Recognising you always have been and will be free

Dipping into the depth of your own waters

Finding courage and contentment in trusting who you are

Embracing yourself fully and knowing, yes, that is me!

In the endless sea of becoming

finding the eternal embrace in the alchemy of your own heart

Realising the truth of your being is openness.

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