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How to reset habits?!

. . . our heart always exceeds us

How do we change habits that are difficult to break?

How do we establish habits we did not have before?

The process could be in these 4 steps !

1. What have I outgrown?

2. How does it make me feel?

3. What do I enjoy and value just as much, or even more?

4. How can I make it easy for me to execute on?

There will be self talk rising in your mind. 

I always ask myself: 'Do I know this voice already?' Maybe sth my siblings, my mother, a friend, a work colleague said. Briefly explained, this is someone else's opinion! And why could that restrict me to do what I am going to do ? What fears and worries are behind this voice that I obviously have valued maybe even more than my own needs and longings? 

Nickname your inner critics and have fun

Have fun with all these characters. For example, 'Oh yes, I know this is Doc - always imposing sth on me, because thinking he/she knows better what is good for me!' You can even give it a name. Name the perfectionist, the anxious one, etc. Become aware who is acting out and have a good sense of humour.

Know that it will take time.

Habits usually take several weeks to change. Accept that you will sometimes falter. We all do. Habits don’t change overnight. Love yourself each time you do and remind yourself that you are human. Take baby steps, if necessary. Even if you can’t fully follow through with a new habit right away, do something small to keep yourself on track. For example, if you’ve blocked out an hour to exercise and you suddenly have to go to a doctor’s appointment, find another time to squeeze in at least 15 minutes. That way, you’ll reinforce your new habit, even if you can't commit 100 percent.

Visualise yourself changing.

Visualisation retrains your brain. Spend some time every day envisioning yourself with new habits. Picture yourself exercising and enjoying it, eating healthy foods, or fitting into those jeans. See yourself engaged in happy conversation with someone instead of standing in the back of the room. This kind of visualisation really works. 'Nerves that fire together wire together'! The more you think about something—and do it—the more it becomes wired in your brain. It becomes your default choice by integrating your mind into the action on a regular basis.

Honour your own wisdom

Realise you do have the answers and are capable of doing something different.

What are your habits that need reset?

Write it down on paper and see magic happen.

What you do matters not only to you but to the people around you.

When you increase the quality of your life, you indirectly increase the quality of life of people around you. And sometimes, that is all the motivation you need to start.

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