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Prices & Passes

60 Min                                      CHF  40

75  Min                                     CHF  45

90-105 Min                              CHF  50

7 sessions                                CHF  300

valid 2 months

12 sessions                              CHF  500

valid 4 months

not available at the moment

19 sessions                              CHF  770

valid 6 months

7 sessions                                CHF  270

valid 2 months

12 sessions                              CHF  440

valid 4 months

80 Min  1 person                      CHF  190

80 Min  2 persons                    CHF  230

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The running time

The running time of the passes is mandatory
Paid, but never or only partly used passes expire after their effective date.

There is no reimbursement for expired passes

Time Stops
Running series of all passes can be interrupted for illness, accidents or pregnancy

Such time stops must be requested immediately in writing at  

A medical attest must be presented

Pass Extensions
During vacations or for important business matters all passes can be extended.

Such pass extensions must be requested in advance in writing at

Pass extensions after the fact are not possible.

Passes can be extended by 1 week maximum.

Booking modus

Reservations can be made via email to or call/text me 079 816 4090. Please understand that cancellations later than 24 hrs before the Flying Session will be charged fully

Private Sessions
Scheduled dates for private lessons are binding and will be fully charged

unless they are cancelled 48 hours in advance.

Events, Experiences and Immersions

Reservations for events, experiences, workshops and immersions are binding.

Not paying does not release from the binding registration. The course fee for events, experiences and immersions is still due - even in default of appearance. A refund for a reservation can only be issued for illness and accident and if a medical attest follows the cancellation.

Modifications of Teacher and Studio Schedule
Modifications made by Flying Yoga in the studio or teacher schedule can occur

at any time. No reimbursement will be made


An insurance lies in the responsibility of the course participant. Flying Yoga and all involved teachers refuse any kind of responsibility and liability for any kind of injuries and discomfort of all shades that appear in connection with participating in any Flying Yoga courses.  In all these cases and its consequences Flying Yoga and Flying Yoga teachers assume no liability for any lost or stolen valuables and articles of value at any Flying Yoga venue

Passes are personal and not transferable

Passes will not be refunded

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