is connecting you to your self


I can help you clear past and current life challenges.


I serve you as an energetic connection to help you solve patterns created by a certain situation in your life. THE CLEARING shifts your whole system as the experience starts to unlock.


By telling your story, I am reading the energetic imprint. I support you to look at your field of concern from different perspectives. Using my refined meta perception, I am listening to the echoes of the original wound or unhealed scar. Through my compassionate inquiry and my subtle senses, you as the client will understand and feel the nature of the toxic and unresolved residues.


I serve as a transmitter for insights and deeper understanding.


Experiences leave memories. In THE CLEARING, the disruption in the field can be harmonised, emotional charge is fully released, and thought process is activated. The whole situation begins to open up to a new perspective for you and the protagonists of the story. As clearing energy starts to flow and to inform this pattern, the imprint in the field re-organises itself at the root cause. ‘Things‘ start to make sense and your relations become responsive. Within and around you a softening, a lightness and even a solution is directly felt.


The effect of the story on your life has forever changed.


The story you tell is who you are. This part of yourself and your life is now open to transformation. THE CLEARING is an invitation to evolve. Irmgard leads you through this experimental session.


The work and clear up in your life is up to you and you become your very own medicine woman. Your healing is your process and is in your hands only and fully.  I support you by being an energetic enhancer and antenna for your own healing and understanding and guide you through this process.


Irmgard works exclusively with women who strive for truthfulness, ethics, real spirituality and mental freedom as well as physical embodiment and presence.




1 Std.

CHF 175


1 : 1  in my practice

1 Std. 30 Min

CHF 250


case study 1

As a mother, I could never understand my son (18 years old). I supported him in kindergarten, at school and afterwards how to make friends. He hardly listened to me, is stubborn and does not accept help easily. I sort of could not get through him. Our relationship was not easy for both of us.


At Christmas 2020 he decided to break off contact with me and his sister without explanation. I was worried and anxious. I told Irmgard about it in February 2021 and shared my despair.


In the clarifying session with Irmgard I was enabled to look deeper and it has helped me to understand the energetic connection of mother-son better and come true. As I poured out my heart, so did the memories of the birth. My son had to be fetched with a birth bell. On the energetic level, Irmgard could perceive the pull and, above all, the imprint of it as great pressure. The memory of this difficult event was still alive as an echo and palpable as tremendous pressure; especially in the head area and crown chakra it was still stuck. I, too, could  feel this as a 'thick cloud' above me as she describes the image. After a certain time, in The Clearing, I also felt how this cloud dissolved and the atmosphere cleared. Irmgard guided me to notice how my son feels at the moment. Hence this has supported me very much to understand him better. Right in this session, I felt so much relief inside.


Two days after the clearing session with Irmgard, my son contacted me again.  I was very happy about the phone call. Afterwards the contact increased again and I feel how he slowly opens up and shows his emotions.  Also with his father, my son has not made contact for years and he refused to speak to his father. On his own initiative, he finally made contact with his father.  I feel the release and dissolution of the energetic blockage that has been at war between us.

Amal A., März 2021

case study 2

Wichtige Info: THE CLEARING ist keine Heilbehandlung. Er ersetzt auch keine ärztliche, psychologische oder psychotherapeutische Untersuchung, Diagnose oder Behandlung. All meine Aussagen und Empfehlungen stellen reine energetische Zustandsbeschreibungen dar und sind keine Diagnosen. Für Diagnoseerstellung und Therapie wende Dich bitte an den Arzt Deines Vertrauens.