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finding true connection within one-self


I can help you to clear past or current challenges in your life.


I serve as an energetic connection to support you in releasing un-conscious patterns within you by a certain situation that happened in your life. THE CLEARING shifts your whole system as the experience starts to unlock.


While you are telling your story, I am reading the energetic imprint. I support you to decode your issues with my meta perception. I am hearing the echoes of the original wound or the unhealed scar. Through compassionate inquiry and my subtle senses, you will learn to understand your own toxic and unresolved residues, to feel, to release and to integrate. I am holding the space for re-organisation of what speaks up in your field (e.g. external introjections, cellular consciousness, hidden shadows, dissociated parts) and longs for solution. I help you to evolve yourself in a higher sense of being and living.


I serve you as a transmitter for insights and deeper understanding.


Experiences leave memories. In THE CLEARING the disturbances in the field are harmonised, emotional load is freed and thought process will be activated. The whole situation opens new perspectives to you and the protagonists of your story. As the clearing energy begins to flow and informs this pattern, the imprints in the field of concern are re-organising itself at the root cause. Interconnections start to make sense to you and your relations respond accordingly. In and around you there may be a softening and even a solution can be immediately felt.


The effect of your story on your life has forever changed.


The story you tell is who you were. That part of you and your life story are now open for transformation. THE CLEARING is an invitation for your personal evolvement. Irmgard is guiding you through this experiential session.


The work and solution for your life is in your hands and you can be your own medicine woman / medicine man. Your healing is your  inner work.  You own this.

Irmgard supports you as an energetic enhancer, an antenna for your own transformation and self perception and guides you through this process.

I am working exclusively with women and men, who strive for truthfulness, ethics, real spirituality and mental freedom as well as are willing and ready for physical embodiment and presence.


1 Std.

CHF 175


1 : 1 in der Praxis

1 Std. 30 Min

CHF 250


case study 1

As a mother, I could never understand my son (18 years old). I supported him with the difficulties in kindergarten, at school and to make friends. He doesn't listen to me, is stubborn and does not like to accept help. I had no access to him. Our relationship wasn't easy for either of us. Christmas 2020, he decided to break off contact with me and his sister without explanation. I was worried. In February 2021, I told Irmgard about it and reported about my desperation. In the enlightening session with Irmgard, I was able to look deeper and it helped me to better understand and perceive the energetic connection mother-son.


As I poured out my heart, the memories of the birth came too. My son had to be fetched with a birth bell. On an energetic level, the pressure of the birth event was perceptible as a great pressure. The memory of this event from back then was still effective as an echo and I felt this as an enormous pressure; especially in the head area and crown chakra it was still stuck. I was able to notice this as well as an energetic 'cloud' over me, while Irmgard described the picture to me.  After a while, through the clearing, I was also able to perceive how this cloud was dissolving and the atmosphere felt clearer again, as if the stress had been solved. Irmgard was also able to bring me closer to how my son feels now and that also helped me to understand him better. I felt inner relief immediately at that moment. Two days after the clearing session with Irmgard, my son has contacted me again briefly since Christmas. I was very happy about the phone call. After that, the contact increased again and I can feel how he slowly opens up and shows his emotions. My son has not had any contact with his father for years either and he refused to talk to his father. On his own initiative, he has finally made contact with his father again. I feel the relief and the dissolution of the energetic block that was between us and I feel grateful for the support I received from Irmgard. Thank you!

Amal A., März 2021

case study 2

Over the last 15 years, I noticed a phenomenon in supporting women. Specifically that group of females who felt ready to conceive and it did not happen though; fear and doubt kept coming in.  With my ability of soul -to-soul communication, while listening to your concern, I am receiving images and/or messages for you with the possibility of a clear time line of the potential event. I can help you find the missing link and to overcome blockages that need to be addressed first and to establish an energetic connection between mother and  to-be-born-soul.

a) N. was worried as for already some months she was not conceiving. Reading her concerns, I immediately was able to tell her that it is not time yet as there is still something else like a project in her life that has priority and that she shall not worry. It is simply just a matter of timing. It turned out that only few months later she was pregnant after having set up online courses..

b) E. felt ready to have a family as her life situation was really stable and both she and her husband wanted to start a family.. But all of a sudden she started to doubt her ability and state of health. Hearing her story, I immediately received the image of the new-born baby in E.'s arms; a clear sign that the conception date is close and happened in the very near future. 

case study 3

Important information: THE CLEARING is not a healing treatment. It is also not a substitute for a medical, psychological or psychotherapeutic examination, diagnosis or treatment. All of my statements and recommendations are purely energetic descriptions of a situation and are not by any means any sort of diagnosis. For diagnosis and therapy, please contact your trusted doctor.

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