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Flying Yoga is a holistic opportunity

                                           to be curious about who you are

Taking into account that it was my first Flying Yoga Experience, I absolutely loved it.

In the workshop for a healthy back Irmgard explains our specific body's anatomy activating imagery; she comments on the role of the related body structure involved for deeper understanding; to initiate listening into our bodies. The atmosphere is very comforting and positive. She looks after everybody's alignment and assists when necessary. The exercises picked proved to be really effective working even the deepest and smallest muscles. I felt very well after class, even had an impression that my whole body extended. I felt less discomfort in my back. I loved the workshop and you as a teacher. Thank you very much for the quality of the workshop and for making me fall in love with Flying Yoga.

Elena/ Moldova

Feel more confident in your body,

                                         resilient in your mind 

                                                            and more graceful in your life

retreat in the peace of your inner being



3hrs, CHF 80

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I like you to lean into your heart. More. The deeper you are able to go into your heart the stronger you emerge. I lead you to the place where your heart may free itself more, where it may open even more. To yourself. Holding yourself in your heart.


“In the spiritual traditions of India, as elsewhere, the ‘heart’ refers not so much to the physical organ as to a psychospiritual structure corresponding to the heart muscle on the material plane. This spiritual heart is celebrated by yogins and mystics as the seat of the transcendental Self. It is called hrid, hridaya, or hrit-padma (‘heart lotus’). It is often referred to as the secret ‘cave’ (guha) in which the yogin must restrain his mind. In some schools, notably Kashmiri Shaivism, the word hridaya applies also to the ultimate Reality.” – Georg Feurstein


Join me to move beyond our illusions of boundaries and limitations in every sense of the word - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual through the practice of Flying Yoga, Enquiry, Meditation, Imagery, Open Attention, Breathing Awareness and Divine Grace. In the revelation of our divine nature, would you like to take this beautiful step into the core of your being?


The hips are a complex joint comprised of many powerful muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels that either connect to or cross by the hip joint. We work on deep tissue mobility using the hammock intelligently and playfully - so that every move stimulates, lubricates and tones the lower body structures. Releasing tension and tightness in the hips provides you with a feeling of spatiousness and calm.

Our yoga practice reflects back to us who we are when we practise deeply and mindfully. Flow like water! Release your somatic memory from tension and feel balanced with more stability.




2hrs. CHF 70

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Do you believe it is true that it is ALL in the hips?


Is your lower back in pain?

Are your hips too tight?

Can it be that your spine is overcompensating the lack of mobility?

Are you in need of an emotional detox?

Would you like to have more energy?

Are you out of balance in standing poses?



  • You can release tension and stress on the spine

  • Start increasing your hip flexibility to even out weight distribution

  • Understand that a solid base supports moving through the higher chakras

  • Clear and free energetic and emotional pathways

  • Connect within to own your unique expression

  • Learn to naturally build strength over a life time

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