is a sensory journey

to develop a real sense of yourself 

WELL WOMAN spring cleanse

We are cultivating

healthy habits.

March 31 / Sunday 1.30-5pm / CHF 110

exclusively for 5 women

The WELL WOMAN afternoon includes
+ 60 Min. Flying  ENERGY Flow
+ 2hrs Sauna, 1 towel pp provided

+ 1  CLEANSING organic body peeling
+ 1 ENERGY smoothie, tea and snacks.

We connect with the elements of earth and water, fire and air and your divine spirit.

If you are looking to connect deeper with yourself and your life purpose, join the FLYING sleep meditation. 

January 2 / 7.45pm. 75 Min / CHF 37


Intention and deep rest support making better choices as your brain functions shift. You may move where the logical, analytical aspect of the mind is suspended. Like your body.

If we can remain in a relaxed state while accessing the unconscious areas of the mind, we can work deeper with ourselves and shifting physical and mental imbalance into a healthier state of being and ultimately living. 

Taking into account that it was my first Flying Yoga Experience, I absolutely loved it.

In the workshop series for a healthy back Irmgard explains our specific body's anatomy activating imagery. She indicates the role of the related body structure involved for your deeper understanding. Listening into our bodies is initiated and encouraged.

The atmosphere is very comforting and positive. She looks after everybody's alignment and assists when necessary. The exercises picked proved to be really effective working even the deepest and smallest muscles. I felt very well after class, even had an impression that my whole body extended. I felt less discomfort in my back. I loved the workshop and you as a teacher. Thank you very much for the quality of the workshop and for making me fall in love with Flying Yoga.

Elena/ Moldova

Irmgard Kuchernig

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