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Deepening physiological awakening

deepens awakening on all levels

yoga nidra

Air Yoga Nidra

 Living homeostasis, a balanced state of being.


Intention and deep rest support making better choices as your brain functions shift. You may move where the logical, analytical aspect of the mind is suspended.

If we can remain in a relaxed state while accessing the unconscious areas of the mind, we can work deeper with ourselves and shifting physical and mental imbalance into a healthier state of being and ultimately living.

yoga healthy back

Flying Yoga

somatic flow

content : somatic awareness and imagination

                   practice with flying yoga tissue

                   end relaxation

3 parts  :  3x3hrs 

                   lumbar spine/hips

                  middle back


Stability and flexibility are dance partners in good spinal health. Tension, stiffness and rigidity reduce the sensitivity of the structure. By freeing structure, we can improve kinaesthetic sensation.


This is an invitation to experience this freedom.

air yogalates

Air Yogalates

An expert training fusing intelligent aerial asana, core stability and function of yoga therapy.


Your body will greatly benefit from this unique fusion combining Yoga and Pilates in the air. Each movement challenges total attention.


A complete approach to wellbeing.


Air Calm Flow

Slow is the new advanced.

Cultivating stillness and peace.



Slowing down does not mean you are slow. This grounding and centering practice chooses simplicity and attention. It rather is a process of learning how to take care of yourself.


A shift in context : Slower is stronger.

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