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Flying Yoga Absolute Beginner Immersion

First Flights: an introduction to Flying Yoga. No Yoga experience necessary; always nice to have though. We will explore the basic elements and variations of Flying Yoga postures. Learning to trust and work with the flying yoga tissue in standing, balancing and inverted postures. We are building aerial strength, flexibility and balance.

Suitable for beginners and a pre-requisite to attend before participating in the Open Level Sessions. Alternatively you can also learn the basics in private sessions.

Flying Yoga Somatic Flow
75-90 Min.

The aerial somatic flow will flip your perspective, energise your body, and you can begin to explore your adventurous side while having fun! Moving into and among the postures in the Flying Yoga Tissue builds core and upper body strength, achieves better alignment due to gravity, and creates an experience designed to relax and awaken you.

The Flying Yoga Somatic Flow incorporates focus on somatic body awareness and helps to acknowledge the presence of our whole self within our environment, Join in after you made your first fun experiences in the Absolute Beginner Course and Private Training Sessions.

AIR Calm Flow
90 Min.

This session restores your energy and softens the tissues. We use the fabric to relax and release tension in the body. The Flying Yoga Tissues will be lowered closer to the floor using gravity to find a way deeper into release of muscle tension. We generally target the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Aerial Calm Flow is devoted to nourish and hydrate the deeper more dense connective tissue through passive mobilisation, longer held poses, slow flow, breathing and meditation practice. Deeply relax your nervous system.

First timers welcome!

For anybody seeking peace of mind. A nourishing practice to restore your energy.

Air Yoga Nidra

60 Min.

A single hour of yoga nidra is as restful as 3-4 hours of conventional sleep. It systematically changes and cycles through brain wave states, lowering beta and increasing alpha, theta and delta for the better. Consciousness during yoga nidra is in a very deep and stable state and the mind is exceptionally receptive. In order to relax completely, the inner tensions of the body, emotions and mind must be released. Then the actual state of relaxation dawns. The work done in yoga nidra with a sankalpa (an intention or positive affirmation) can facilitate life altering changes in one’s thought patterns, relationships and achievements.

Transform your life, especially your sleep, energy and emotions.

The practice draws our attention inwards, and we learn to surf between the states of wakefulness and sleep, where our body finds its natural state of equilibrium (homeostasis) – the breath balances and becomes quiet, unconscious and conscious aspects of the mind reveal themselves, and we fall into an innate state of deep, blissful awareness.

Flying Yin Yang Yoga
90 Min.

Cultivate balance and strength by blending both Flying Yin and Yang Yoga aspects in one class. Learn to rest deeply in the core of your body. The prana or life force stimulates and tones the joints, deep connective tissues, increasing the supply of fluids to them, making them less dense and enabling them to stretch appropriately.

As a result, we become more flexible, our joints become “juicier,” and energy blocks along the meridians are removed, enabling the organs to function better. And because the influx of prana works on the nervous system too, we become not only calmer but also more focused. When we work actively, the pranic flow and circulation are directed into the muscles and superficial connective tissues.

The goal is a sattvic (pure) balance of tamasic (passive) and rajasic (active) energies - a beautiful marriage of yang and yin, effort and surrender, ha (sun) and tha (moon). The practice of yin/yang yoga helps you to learn about stillness in movement and the flow in stillness.

Air Fit Flow
75 - 90 Min.

All of our conditioning classes are carefully designed to assist you on your Flying Yoga journey and help you getting used to be in the air, build the core, upper body, and grip strength necessary to advance your Flying Yoga fitness. 

Using the Flying Yoga Tissue, this class consists of foundational conditioning exercises including repetitions in tuck, pike, needle and straddle, how to get your first pull up, ‘death by plank’, inverting. For anybody looking for building aerial muscle.

This is so much more than just a work out!

Besides circular training and a powerful aerial yoga flow, meditation, dream journey and visualisations are integrated. This is a truly holistic movement mix with the air element. 

Air Yogalates
75-90 Min.
Air Yogalates combines the fundamentals of the Pilates Method with Yoga in the air. Pilates exercises are perfectly practised with yoga's mobilising and meditative movement flows by suspending the body, or parts of the body. The Flying Yoga Tissue is suspended close to the ground or at the height of the hips. An expert training fusing intelligent aerial asana, core stability and function of yoga therapy.

Kids Flying Yoga Play
75 Min.

Supported by a low hanging Flying Yoga Tissue kids twist, turn, stretch, hang while having fun. The objectives of the Kids Flying Yoga are to increase kids focus, attention and concentration span, relax and sleep better, develop imagination and creative expression, learn breathing techniques, handle stress more effectively, develop healthy and strong bodies, learn about the human body, build self esteem. 75 Min. includes preparation time with the children to set up the hammocks.

Teenager Flying Yoga
75 Min.
A sensory therapeutic approach to your child's vestibular, proprioceptive and tactile system. Supported and stimulated with Curiosity, Creativity and Attention. As each sequence and poses can only be done with concentration, focus and mindfulness in the Flying Yoga Play part, the cognitive senses are positively influenced in its development.
This is fun, it is playful and it is meaningful.

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