Personal Training Zürich
Personal Training Zürich



Do you want to move pain free?

   You want to be able to do the things you love?

      You are looking to prevent future health problems?

         You need to calm anxiety and release stress?

            Are you beginning your Yoga practice? 

               Are you ready for meaningful changes in your life?

                  Do you long to feel more alive?

                     Don't you like class situations?

                         Do you need help to have a deep regenerative sleep and enough rest?


Learn to become more aware of your movement patterns and your strong points and limitations.

This is the first step for change and to expand your capacity. 

Learn to differentiate between each body parts. A neuro-muscular training approach that focuses on relationships and connections allows you to use your body efficiently and with ease.


Maintain and improve joint function and resilience and own it.  Mobility and agility of the body and mind prepare your body to function well in the range of movements you apply in your daily life.


You will be leaving the session knowing what you are doing.

Be aware, your tissues need consistent input and that equals consistent work.

Private yoga sessions are customised to fit your specific needs and meet you and your needs on that specific day;

and/or creating a personalised sequence practice at home.

Learn to access your emotions and your mind through the breath.

Feel encouraged and gain a new sense of attentiveness and self awareness.

Initial consultation à 90-105'                    180 CHF

1 session à 75'                                             160 CHF

3 sessions intro-pack à 75'                       450 CHF °

5 Sessions à 75'                                              725 CHF °°

10 sessions à 75'                                         1400 CHF °°° 

°      valid 5 weeks and for first timers only

°°     valid 2 months

°°°    valid 5 months

Depending on the situation Irmgard integrates Flying Yoga, Yoga Somatics, 

breathing practices, yoga nidra and meditation.








What clients say

Ich kann vollkommen entspannen und meine Kopfschmerzen lösen sich auf

Ich bin begeistert vom Flying Yoga bei Irmgard. Meine Verspannungen lösen sich und ich geniesse das Gefühl der Schwerelosigkeit und Freiheit. Ich kann während dem Flying Yoga vollkommen entspannen und hab mehr Energie. An stressigen Tagen, wo mir der Kopf schmerzt, lösen sich diese Kopfschmerzen komplett auf und sind verschwunden nach dem Flying Yoga. Ich bin ganz bei mir selbst und aus-geglichen. Irmgard findet die perfekte Mischung aus klaren Anweisungen, Empathie, Authentizität und Wärme. 

Nadine/ Deutschland

Ich habe jetzt eine bessere Schlafqualität und wache entspannter auf

Mein Nacken und Schulterbereich sind viel entspannter, weil ich im Tuch wirklich loslassen kann und ich knirsche im Schlaf viel weniger mit den Zähnen. Dadurch habe ich auch eine bessere Schlafqualität und ich wache 'weicher' auf. Das wiederum führt dazu, dass ich weniger müde bin. Zudem fühle ich mich von innen gestärkt.

Hinzu kommt, dass ich dank dem Tuch auch Inversions machen kann, was beim klassischen Yoga bislang weniger möglich war. Und es macht mir Spass, wenn mir etwas Akrobatisches gelingt, das ist gut für mein Gemüt. 

Sabrina/ Switzerland 

I experienced happy times with you during our Flying Yoga sessions.

It brought me a much needed balance back into my life and helped my mind and body.

Maria/ Rumania

I love my ever first Flying Yoga experience. Thank you for the quality in your teachings.

Irmgard explains our specific body's anatomy activating imagery. She indicates the role of the related body structure involved for your deeper understanding. Listening your body is initiated and encouraged. The atmosphere is very comforting and positive. The exercises picked proved to be really effective working even the deepest and smallest muscles. I felt very well after class, even had an impression that my whole body extended. I felt less discomfort in my back. Thank you very much for the quality of the workshop and for making me fall in love with Flying Yoga.

Elena/ Moldova

Moments of floating are peaceful. I found new body awareness

One of the most significant benefits of practicing Flying Yoga is feeling strong and light at the same time.

A continuous flow of energy makes me feel happy. You can experience the joy of taking care not only of your body but also of your soul 'dancing in the air'. Moments of floating are peaceful. Physically - my back and neck suffering from multiple hernias - were relieved from contraction; holding patterns were released by practicing Flying Yoga. I found new body awareness. Irmgard's teaching is intelligent, supportive and nurturing to the soul.

Barbara/ Italy