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Aerial Yoga Zürich


The essential kit to empower yourself with Flying Yoga at home

The FLYING YOGA TISSUE is of the highest professional grade

The Tissue is made of a weight-tested, specialty nylon that is soft to the touch and has a slight shine catching the light beautifully. It is a safe and great fabric used by professionals as well. 

For more order details send your inquiry to:

I want you to fly safe.

The investment to own the exclusive FLYING YOGA TISSUE for a room height up to 2.8m equals CHF 140 (6-7m long) excl. packaging and shipping. Depending on the rigging materials like o-slings, daisy chains and carabiner can be purchased separately. An initial evaluation of your rigging point at home is included. The length of the tissue is depending on your room height. It is easy to take care of and can be washed in the machine; on cold temperature or 30°.


Beautiful colors

Currently on stock

I am ordering right now. Want any specific color. There are even more available now. 

more colors upon request

white, christmas red, royal blue, turquoise, champagne, rosé, lila, dark green, fresh green,

dark yellow solé, bright yellow sunshine,, black, blue blue, burgundy red,

magenta, powder yellow, baby blue, lavender,

navy,, berry, moonstone grey, gold,

gingerbread brown, pink, lemon green, orange,

coral-meloon, sea green, silver, violet, neon yellow,, neon pink, azure

New offer . . .  learning to fly for children

Kids love soaring in the air

Do you like to gift your child a Flying Yoga Tissue

to have more fun at home and a cozy place to rest?

Flying Yoga Kids
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